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Hiking Naked is becoming more popular than it ever was. Hiking without clothes gives one great psychological satisfaction and exhilarates the body and spirit.
For most people, Hiking Naked is a non-sexual activity and rightfully so. Hiking without clothes frees the body and mind and brings one closer to nature. If you have never hiked naked before but have thought about it, get out and give it a try. We bet you never go back to clothed hiking again.

If you'd like to find out more about Hiking Naked, please read the "Suggestions For Hiking" on this page. In addition, you can visit our Hiking Naked Message Board right here on this site and find many other people throughout the United States and around the world who also enjoy Hiking Naked. Many of them are looking for others to share a naked hike with them.

Thank you for visiting our site and Happy Naked Hiking. Have fun!

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