New Mexico Naked Hikers

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Well Jeff, there are others, just not near you.

I very occasionally get to the Chapparal area. Most often I hike in the Gila NF and along the Gila River Lower Box area in Grant and Hidalgo counties (about 2.5 hours away.)

So, if you head up this way, let me know, I'll show you some interesting hikes (river, forest, mine sites, lovely canyons with water most of the time.)

 Wow ! It's great to know that I'm not alone. Though You are 2.5 miles away I'll let you know when I will be in your area. Stay naked. Jeffrey

Hello all, I'm 30/male and in Albuquerque, NM. And I like to do some nude hiking in the jemez mountains along with other areas near Albuquerque and in NM. We are also starting up a naturist group and i'm sure if we get enough members we can start up a hiking group too. You can find more information on the group by going here:

Hi Jeff,

I also occasionally get to the Chapparal area near EP. I often go around the west side in the NM desert area. I hope to make a trip in end of June. If I can schedule something to get way to your hiking spot we can meet up and do some naked hiking.

Happy nude hiking.

Lone naked Hiker?

Ok, I am with Jeff, New Mexico is a great place to naked hike. Lots of forests both pine and low lands, hot deserts and hot (radium) springs.  I have hiked on mountains of Franklin, Columbus, Cloudcroft and Ruidoso. I have also enjoyed the Malpies areas along the Rio Grand valley. The forests of the Vermajo park region. I am a lone hiker?

BTW - has anyone ever done any naked hiking at White Sands? Some places can be remote, but have never ventured that far with out from the road.

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Find others in New Mexico who enjoy hiking naked. Please post your city so others can easily find you!


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