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updates for the northern colorado peeps

went to cyotee ridge the other day and had a wonderfull hike in the nude at least 30 minutes... once you get around the bend heading toward the top of the ridge after the restrooms it is clear sailing all the way to the top of the ridge where if you are woried about textiles you should probably cover until the bottom of the steep steps after that again clear sailing there are tons of open areas where you can easily see who is comming and what is next also some nice places just off the trail that you can sun on the rocks and not be seen.

Happy Hikers:
Central Colorado here. Hey folks, I can

I am traveling to Beaver Creek Colorado in July 2010. Can anyone tell me if there are any good places to hike nude there? Is anyone in that area who would like to hike with me? I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Hikers:
Hey Scott.
That area, as well as most of the Colorado Rockies, is full of areas to hike naked. Beaver Creek is only minutes away from the Holy Cross Wilderness Area and reasonably close to the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area. (Damn! I should get a job writing for the Beaver Creek Tourism Bureau.) Don

wow! Thank you so much for the helpful insights. I do look forward to shedding my clothes out there. I am a nudist of 30 years and love to hike naked. I have never had the chance in Colorado before. Thanks again.


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