Naked in Denver

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[color=Green]I am new to Denver.

Hi, I'm looking forward to warm weather and getting outside naked. Locally, there is just Dream Canyon which is west of Boulder that gives a short drive to spend the day naked. In the mountains, I believe naked hiking is allowed in national forest land. Last year we took jeeps up in the mountains away from people and did some naked hiking. I want to do that again.

i too would be interested in a hike maby getting a group together mixed company probably the best so that if we run ito textiles they wont feel as uncomforatble if anyone has ideas of where or wants to go let me know and we can see what we can arrange

Spiritseeker is labelled "Guest" so I cannot seem to e-mail him directly.  Therefore, the rest of you please pardon me adding this to the post.
Dear Spiritseeker,

First, one place you where can hike around naked near Denver is the Mountain Air Ranch.  I've been there before and have been quite impressed.  The image of a large sunning boulder with ladder access there at the ranch graces my bathroom wall as a pleasant reminder.

Second, you mentioned you once lived where I do currently, Anchorage, Alaska.  What hiking in the buff have you done here?  I hope you can suggest some places away from the crowds.  I've been in the Chugach State Park, mostly along the Turnagain Arm Trail and the South Fork of Eagle River.  On both trails I have experienced the need to cover up, though on the South Fork much less so.  Unfortunately, the South Fork trail doesn't get comfortably warm enough until the beginning of July! 

For those not from Alaska, summer may include days of 20-hours of sunshine, but there can still be snow and chills back in the mountains.  It is the end of June, yet we have only had about 9 days of temps in the 70s.  The rest have been upper 50s/low 60s so far.  Hence, some Alaskans call this the "non-winter" season.


Let's get the group together and get outside naked! Enough of the posts -- let's drop those pants!


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