Good places to be naked hiking, skinny-dipping or camping in the MD/VA/DC/PA/WVA

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Can anyone give me an assist re hiking/camping/skinny-dipping/whatever in the Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania or even West Virginia areas?



there are several great places for hiking/skinny-dipping.  I have found the Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) to be of great benefit.  Usually, if it is not hunting season they are pretty empty, have plenty of trails, and many places to sun or skinny dip.  Weekends you have to watch for horse riders, but other than that are good.  George Washington National Forest and Shenandoa National Park also have some good locations.  Rose River near Syria is one I really like.  You can get off the main trail and back in for some great hiking and again some nice mountain stream water holes.

  I've noticed more references to Wildlife Management Areas for nude activities outside of hunting season so this year I plan to explore State Game Lands in Pa for that reason.  Also I noticed some of the trees here are beginning to bud so summer is close.  Now all I need is time off from work and a few warm days!

  I discovered a Yahoo group "No cloths in Pa" that you can read their message board.  There has been some discussion of state parks in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. That should be near where the eastern panhandle of WV is I would assume.  Also Pa state game lands should also provide areas to be enjoyed.  I'm waiting for someone in western Pa to post some places so I can enjoy new scenery.  Temps in the 80's and sunshine; I'm headed outside! 

Check with the Potomac Rambling Bares, a AANR affiliated club. We have several hikes during the warmer months.


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