Camping Naked

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I love camping naked!

 Have been camping over 40 years (63 yo) and have taken every opportunity to shed my clothes when possible. My wife does likewise, however, it did take me about 20 years to convince her how great it was to be nude all the time.

Our favorite place s now history, "Red White and Blue Beach" north of Santa Cruz, CA. A private clothing optional beach for about 40 years. Had a small campgrounds and you could camp in your RV in the parking lot as well.

The state of CA doesn't like part of it's thousand plus mile shoreline to be privately owned so it started putting heavy restrictions on it's operation until it was forced to close. What a travesty for the nudist family. It was a sad day for me when I heard it was closed. I had gone there off and on for about 30 years. Where I first got my wife to leave her clothes at the tent.

Now I go to South Padre Island, TX and enjoy miles of nude hiking, camping, fishing.. what more is there in life! Once you leave the city of South Padre Island, go about 10 miles up the beach and enjoy! There is about 20 miles of beach before the ship channel. So literally there are miles you can hike naked, and I do! South Padre Island is about 40 miles from Brownsville, TX. That's as far south as you can get in TX.

Come join me sometime!!


I live in Colorado and do all my camping, fishing, boating and hiking in the nude. I have met the greatest people while living life as a nudist. Last summer I was setting up camp in the nude obviously and a female park ranger pulled up. I waved and said give me a minute and I will cover up. She told me it was not necessary she had seen nude campers before. So I stayed nude and told her that I had been camping and enjoying the outdoors in the nude for 30 years and this was the first time I had ever had a visit from any Park Rangers. She said that they probably just went on about their business as long as there were not any families or children around. To my surprise she said she had the next couple of days off and asked if she and her husband could join me. We had a great time and have done it many more times.

We are camping naked this next weekend 3 miles south of Quartzsite, AZ and welcome anyone interested. It's the weekend of March 5th to the 7th. The 56 acre section where BLM or authorities don't bother us is called Magic Circle. It's dry camping so mostly RVs will be there. I will have a toyhauler with two flags, an American flag and a yellow happy face flag underneath. Email me for the last bit of detailed directions to successfully get there.  John.

John, so glad to have you on board.  I have read for years about camping in the Magic Circle now I may hear first hand. Camping there is on my bucket list so may meet you there some day.

I've been naked camping for 20 years now. I have run the gammit from car camping to back packing and a few years ago I got a travel trailer so sort of an RV camper now. I can still here my dad saying that's not camping!! LOL! Hey what can I say after 23 years in the Marine Corps I have had enough of sleeping on the ground. I love getting out in nature and for me now camping in a nude campground is pretty close to heaven. Some are more to my liking than others and I have definatly camped nude outside of these places at remote locations in the desert and in the mountains but it is really nice to get up in the morning and not have to ever worry about wearing clothes period. I have wonderful memories of nude camp outs with my friends from the Camping Bares, soaking in natural hotsprings under the stars enjoying a glass of wine feeling the hot water soak my weary bones and contemplating the heavens. Great times.


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