Bumping into ppl while hiking naked

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Well friends I'm deployed with the army right now to Iraq so my naked hiking is on hold for a year. But I do have some time to post some stories from the past couple years of hiking naked. The memories and thoughts will get me through until I hit the trails again upon redeployment late summer 2001.
Anyway I thought I'd focus on a few times when I ran into other people while I was hiking naked. I have a battle drill where I keep my shorts tucked behind my small camelbackpack, so that I can grab them quickly and put them on if I see or hear someone else. I keep my focus as far forward as the terrain allows and usually I see the other people before they see me. I've noticed that generally clothed hikers are looking close to their next few steps, so I usually see them first.
But a few times I didnt and couldnt throw my shorts on before I was caught. I also use the steeper trails deeper into the woods where I know no one would bring children. The first time I was seen was by a young woman jogging. She was pretty, maybe 30ish, blonde hair in a pony tail. I was fairly new to these trails and was standing at a 4 way intersection when she suddenly appeared. I didnt hear or see her until she was maybe 50 feet away. She saw me and stopped dead in her tracks very suprised obviously. I couldnt say much other than "hi, sorry" so she just turned around and jogged back the way she came.
Another time I was at a different 4 way intersection when I heard several voices of a group of people hiking. I couldnt tell which direction they were coming from, but I could hear multiple females and one male voice. A female walked around the bed and saw me and stopped dead in her tracks. She had been talking to the rest of her party behind her so now I knew from which direction they were coming. It took me several seconds to decide which way was best to go, while the girl (probably 30ish also) just stared and was speechless. I walked briskly away before the rest of her party came around the bend. The trail I followed looped back around so for the next several minutes I could hear her telling the others that she had just seen a man hiking naked. She was giggling and telling them how she was shocked and speechless and they all laughed about it. Overall she didnt seem to have a negative reaction; in fact it seemed she enjoyed it.
I had 2 other instances of being caught hiking naked and didnt get a negaive reaction either. I'll save those stories for another post[/b

typo returning in 2011

Thanks for the post Volcano man. I have had a few run in's too most of them friendly in that a smile and a wave only negative reacion ws once from a male part of a couple hiking when the guy said as he was walking away hey buddy put some shorts on. Which was not really that negative at all. Most of the time I am able to get my shorts on before I encounter anyone. Anyway take care I served 2 tours in Iraq 2003 and 2007-08 thanks for your service and get home safe.

Thanks for your service also Al. Your story reminds me of a

similar experience. I couple on bikes came up on me before I

could react. The guy seemed a little irritated but his GF had

a big smile on her face. I told them "sorry you caught me

just about to take a leak." (Figured there's no use telling

them about my hobby and risk them calling the park ranger).

Since then I've avoided trails that bikes could use and stuck

with trails that are for foot traffic only.

Thank you both for your service to our nation.   Very telling observation about our "learned" insecurities within this culture VolcanoMan and Al.   I have had my share of clothed encounters over the years, mostly pleasant, guys, girls, mixed.   The few negative reactions were as you two say, mild.   They either involved a guy and a girl, the guy uncomfortable ie concerned about the girl, the girl grinning or winking behind his back at me.   Or they involved a guy or girl concerned about the possible presence of children on the trail, and giving me a friendly but concerned warning.   I am not prepared on the trail to enter the timeless debate with a stranger, about whether or how non-lewd nudity may harm children so I just avoid such encounters.   I always have a kilt available if there is any possibility, and children, conveniently for me, have an instinctive desire to share their excitement continuously with the entire world verbally, especially while on a hike.   So far, this audible warning system has served me well, and adds another measure of enjoyment to my hikes.   -Dan


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